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Friday, 24 February 2012

Free game Friday: Unmanned and SCP-087

Two games today that come courtesy of PC Gamer. Am I paying more attention to their site and magazine since they gave me that free SSD? Hmm, maybe.

Unmanned is an unusual game (well, I'm pretty much only interested in unusual games) where you play a US soldier whose job it is to control an unmanned UAV drone. That's actually only a very small part of the game as it's more about a day in your life and that just happens to be your day job. The game is split into two screens: on one you take part in a simple arcade-type game whereas on the other you made choices. The game doesn't make clear what the 'right' choices are and you're free to go whatever way you like. There are medals on the completion of each section, but maybe you care about those and maybe you don't.

The game is deceptively simple, but I wouldn't call it easy. You've got a wife and a child and the game is as much about dealing with their welfare as your own. Just how do you keep these things balanced whilst dealing with all the tasks of your life?

The little games you get to play vary from shaving to playing Call of Duty with your son. Some are pretty difficult and it'll probably take you more than one try to get through successfully. Oh and, without wishing to spoil things, there's one game that's a lot easier if you happen to be a fan of Queen.

You can either play the game online in your browser or download it to your computer. There are versions for both PC and Mac.

SCP-087 isn't really a game. Well it might be, I'm not really sure.

There's a door and it's locked. And there are some stairs. A lot of stairs. Turn away from the door and head down the stairs. At first I can hear nothing but the sound of my footsteps, but soon I think I can maybe hear the sound of some machinery. A generator maybe? As I descend, it gets louder and I'm certain it sounds like some very heavy machinery. In fact, it's so loud I can barely hear my own footsteps. Wait, is that another sound? It's a sort of tapping. It that someone else coming down the stairs? Or is it something else? If I go back up the stairs a bit am I going to meet someone or something else coming down?

And that's how it goes. Play it alone at night with the lights off and the sound turned up and you'll probably get quite frightened. There are no instructions, not even a title page to get you started. Heck, the game isn't even on its own website. If it is a game, that is.

A Google search for SCP-087 turns up this wiki, of sorts. Is it a clue? Is SCP-087, just one part of many? Frigging hell.


  1. Where can i get the game^^ "which isn´t really a game ?:)

    1. It seems like the original link was removed. This one works though:

  2. Thx i´m gonna try it :)