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Monday, 19 March 2012

World's weirdest, somewhat creepy presentation

Whilst browsing through other people's presentations for entirely innocent and not at all morally dubious reasons, I found this rather unsettling cracker from the Malaysian International Medical University.

Okay, so Dr Babar doesn't know much about font kerning (What? You neither? That's it; we're not friends any more) and his command of the English language isn't fabulous, but he sure as heck isn't afraid of a terrifying photograph or ten. Think "...and the body had to be identified from dental records" and you'll get the idea. Yikes.

Finally! A reasonable slide that completely makes sense. Wait, how on earth can bite mark analysis be of use in malpractice cases? Ooh, Dr Babar, I just don't even want to know.

Pop on over to slideshare to check out the rest of the presentation. I'm not kidding about there being some graphic images though.

Oh and if that isn't enough for you, there's this obvious horse-shit. I don't think I've ever before wanted to kill someone I've never met or even seen.

Evolution Of A Species by Guy Gould-Davies
What people want from brands and how they engage with them is very different today than even 5 years ago. The result: planners have to approach brand building and consumer engagement very differently.


  1. Oh god my eyes. Yes, I'm talking about the kerning too. How can someone not see how dreadful that looks?

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