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Friday, 9 March 2012

Free Game Friday: Cherry's Quest for Coffee and Hubris

Yay! Free game Friday! It's the jolly day of the blog where I get to play games. It's like the end of term or something. And they're all free. Yay!

Cherry's Quest for Coffee is very much an old fashioned graphical adventure. It's quite easy and quite short, so there's little chance of you failing to complete it, but the charm of the game comes from it's slightly daft story and the lovely way in which it's told.

I'm looking at a woman who's looking at a car and I'm telling her
to look at the car. I'm like her god or something. Not a very good
god perhaps, but she does get to hear from me a lot
Cherry has run out of coffee and needs to get some more. There's just the small problem of the world having run out. Guess who's going to have to get some more.

Last time someone said that to me, I was in a gay bar and all
I did was unzip my... oops, I'm not drunk enough to tell that story
I have to say, it makes a very pleasant change to have such a minor goal in a game. I'm frigging sick of saving the planet or ridding the world of evil. So going out to get some ground beans is a quest I can really get behind.

Go and get it now from the developer's website:

Hubris is a jolly pretty game. The minimalist aesthetic puts me in mind of Ico. It's really rather atmospheric and just a delight in which to wander around.

There aren't any puzzles, there isn't a narrative and you can't interact with anything. Heck, I'm not really selling this very well at all. It's more just an experience for you to enjoy rather than a game for you to solve and complete. The author describes it as “a short, atmospheric game like Dear Esther or The Funeral. There is no interaction or narrative, simply a world to absorb and (I hope) emotions to experience.”

Go get it here:


  1. i don't understand hubris to such an extent that i'm gonna have to 'play' it

    1. ok so did i just 'complet it'? this has both angered and confused me.

    2. It calms and intrigues normal people, so yeah you've probably completed it.

      I guess I'd better include a mini-golf game or something as obvious in next week's article.

  2. You've been angry and confused for as long as I've known you!