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Monday, 21 January 2013

How to install DayZ single player - DaiZy

DaiZy is a mod that allows you to play single player DayZ offline. It has all the same features as the regular online version, including friendly and bandit units (controlled by AI), loot, vehicles and everything else you could possibly want. It's also allows cheating through the additional installation of one or two other files.

Before you start, you need to have DayZ installed. If you haven't got that up and running, go off and read this ridiculously detailed guide that over 800,000 others have used. Go on, I'll wait.

Once you've got DayZ installed it, you can just follow the video above. The files it downloads come from here:

There's a more detailed written installation guide to be found here:

And here's a guide to installing Loki's Lost Key (that's the cheats thing):

There are other variation of DaiZy and support for other maps. Check our forum (embedded below or via the link at the top of the page) for more details of those.

Kodabar DayZ / DaiZy single player forum


  1. Nice guide!
    I have a one question about your computer spec.
    What is your cpu and gpu??

    1. I have this in the computer I use for this:

      CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz
      GPU: Nvidia GTX 260
      RAM: 4GB

      Not a very powerful machine. I've also used the same machine with an Nvidia 9800 GT and had it run just as well.

      If you need to know if your machine is good enough to run the game, you can download the free version of ArmA 2 and see how well that runs. DayZ will run a bit slower than that (because of all the extra bits), but it's a good guide.

    2. I have quad q6600 3.0ghz(overclock) and msi 9800gt 1gb.
      I have bad spec then you haha;
      and thank you helped me about 6 hours before.
      When i buy standalone,i want to play with you!

    3. Ah one more quesrtion.
      Are you play dayZ high option on 9800GT?

    4. Well, your processor is better than mine. A Core 2 Duo has only two cores.

      I can't have all the options set to high. Bohemia write games for the military. The ArmA games are like 'lite' versions of those military simulators. They use a lot of CPU power as well as a lot of GPU. It takes a very powerful system to run with everything on high.

      I have most things on normal, but I have anti-aliasing, PPAA, vsync and Post-process effects set to disabled. My 3D resolution is 1680 x 1050 and so is my interface resolution. It's important to set the 3D resolution and the interface resolution to be the same - otherwise the game runs slowly and looks ugly.

    5. Ah I try to set disabled anti-aliasing,ppaa,vsync and post process effects too.

  2. Uh, my game cannot be played, so far, I could only go to mission, and somehow there's a notofication that I couldn't play the DaiZy mod, cause I've deleted Chernarus, which I dont believe I did.. can you troubleshoot me please?

    1. Luckily that's a simple one to fix. The error message is a bit stupid and disingenuous. Go into your ArmA 2 program folder and locate the folder called "Addons". Copy that and paste it into your Operation Arrowhead program folder. That will fix the error.

      DayZ mostly uses Operation Arrowhead for its engine and content, but it gets the Chernarus level from ArmA 2. If it doesn't pick up on the ArmA 2 folder properly, it fails to load the Chernarus files and accuses you of deleting them. By copying the Addons folder across, DayZ will find the Chernarus files it needs in the OA folder and not have a problem.

    2. It works! I applaud you sir!, thanks!

  3. i follow your instructions step by step, but no LaunchArma2 beta patch comes up in my operation arrowhead folder? therefor i cannot play daizy?! please help!

    1. That'll be because you haven't installed the beta patch. Just download, extract and run.

      Warning: The latest beta patch isn't compatible with the CBA addons (if you're using Lost Key) - so use 103718. If you're not going to use Lost Key, then the latest one is fine.

  4. I go into missions select the Daizy and it says cannot be played/edited beacuse the wepons dayz etc has deleted previous folders

    1. Either the files are not in the right place or the shortcut is incorrect. I'd suggest you try this more detailed guide:

      If you still can't get it to work, drop me a line and I'll help you further.

  5. Is there an up-to-date version of DaiZy that supports version 1.8.7 of the base DayZ game?