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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

DayZ single player on Taviana, Lingor, Namalsk, etc

A lot of people ask me about installing DaiZy (DayZ single player) for maps other than Chernarus. Well, the good news is that we've got a forum where there are lots of different versions of Daizy and they support pretty much every map. Whether you would like to play on Taviana, Lingor, Namalsk, Wasteland, Takistan, Isla Duala, Celle, Zargabad or any others, we've got you covered.

The standard DaiZy only covers Chernarus and seeks to simulate online play from official public hive servers. It's pretty good, but our forum versions have improved features that add to the gameplay. Some of them have improved AI handling, others add extra building, some have self bloodbagging (so you can heal yourself more easily), some let you build your own base and so on.

These can all be found on our forum in the "Unofficial DaiZy Releases" section. Actually, I don't know why I call them unofficial, but that's just what I called that section back when I had no idea how popular this would be.

In the video at the top, I discuss how to install additional maps and other versions. The basic process is the same in all cases, although it's Taviana I cover in the video. It goes like this:
  1. Use DayZ Commander to download a map
  2. Make a single player folder - eg @TavianaSP
  3. Copy the contents of the @DayZ folder into your single player folder
  4. Copy the map files into that folder too, over-writing as you go 
  5. Copy our files into that same folder, over-writing as you go
  6. Make a new shortcut that includes -mod=@TavianaSP (or whatever you called it)
It's quite a simple process and, once you've done it once, you'll find it no bother at all.

I can't provide full support for every mod on our forum (I don't have time to try every single version of each one), but I will try to help if you have any problems. It's generally best to check our forums in case someone else has had the same problem. That and the author is probably better placed to tell you what's wrong. But I will help where I can.


  1. hey can you do a tut on how to install ASC weapon mod customizable weapons in loot table would be really great if you would they don't really make it clear on how to install it :/ thanks :) also

    thats the link to the mod for the addon for DayZ

    1. Sorry, been a bit busy with work, so I'm a little behind in answering comments.

      Ah, the ASC addon. There's a problem with that in that it doesn't work beyond DayZ - the latest is and it definitely doesn't work with that. Sorry.

      Thanks for providing the link - people tend to assume that I'm aware of every single post on the forum, so thank you for making it a lot easier to see what you're talking about. I wish everyone did that.

  2. I downloaded a lingor mod from
    and I am having trouble finding the map file any suggestions?

    1. That one comes with the map files and everything else included (which is why the download is so big). I installed it just now just to make sure. Here's what I did.

      1. Download DaiZy Lingor
      2. Extract the files. You'll have two folders: one called "Addons"and one called "Missions"
      3. Inside the Addons folder is a folder called @DayZLingorSkaroSP. Copy this and paste it into your Operation Arrowhead program folder.
      4. Inside the Missions folder are two files. I took DaiZyLingorSkaro.lingor.pbo and placed it in my OA\Missions folder
      5. I created a shortcut based off the "Launch ArmA 2 OA beta patch" shortcut
      5a. I copied the shortcut to my desktop and added -skipintro -mod=@DayZLingorSkaroSP
      5b. When I tried to load it, it complained about missing the CBA addons. I've already got those, so I went back and changed the shortcut target line to -skipintro -mod=@DayZLingorSkaroSP;@CBA_CO

      Then it ran just fine. If you don't have the CBA addons installed (you need them to use Lost Key for example) you can get them here:

    2. in my download I didn't get missions I just got addons would there be a place where I could get the missions file alone
      thanks so much for the fast reply

    3. Goodness knows how that's happened. Sorry about the hassle. I've uploaded just the mission files to here:

    4. Ah, no worries. I think if one is going to put such things online, then the least one can do is to support the people using them. It disappoints me that others don't do this. We have a group of authors writing these mods and I try to make sure everything is working and provide support to anyone who has a problem.

      I did write an installation program to automate all this, but I decided not to release it. There are some unscrupulous people on YouTube with fake versions of an early single player mission; their 'installers' do nothing more than steal your CD key. So we've deliberately kept the installation process manual so that you don't ever use an executable file and can be sure that it's completely safe. It's more hassle for the users, but it's safer, sadly.

      I also offer an unconditional guarantee, whereby if anyone can show they were banned or had their key stolen as a result of using our files, I will buy them a replacement. I haven't had to pay out on that yet and I'm jolly proud of our guys for the work they do.

    5. sorry to keep bothering you but now it says you cannot play/edit this mission as it is reliant on downloadable content that has been deleted. ibr_lingor

    6. Not at all; bother away!

      There's a few reasons why this might happen. The error indicates that it couldn't find some of the Lingor files when it tried to load them. This either happens because the shortcut points to the wrong place or because the files are in the wrong place.

      I was slightly annoyed that one of the folder that was in the RAR file was called "Addons" because that's a little confusing. The folder you should be copying into your Operation Arrowhead folder is the one inside that called @DayZLingorSkaroSP. Check that that's the one in your OA folder and that you didn't copy the Addons one. Next, check that the shortcut points to the same thing; it should include a section in the target line that reads -mod=@DayZLingorSkaroSP. It's awfully easy to miss the @ symbol, so make sure that's there. Oh and if you're loading any other addons (like the CBA addons it seems to require) that there is a semi-colon separating the two, thus: -mod=@DayZLingorSkaroSP;@CBA_CO. The basic form for installing any mod or addon is to put it in a folder called @whatever and load it with the shortcut by adding -mod=@whatever

      Another common problem that people have - and I'm slightly embarrassed to ask this - is that they create a shortcut, but then don't actually start the game with it. They still use DayZ Commander or whatever to load the game. I'm pretty sure you're not doing this, but I do have to ask.

      I must confess I downloaded from the second link listed ( as the first one is with mega, which my main browser doesn't like. If you check everything and nothing is helping, can I suggest you try downloading from there and just following the same steps I took above?

      I'm off for a snooze and then watching the Formula 1 race, so my further replies will be delayed. I'll be back later.

    7. I have tried to download the second link but it is going to take 10+ hours would it be possible to get a file containing all of the modded content or possibly just .ibr_lingor

    8. Righty. My upload speed is shitty - this is a small rural English town and our internet is made of tin cans and string - so it'll take a while. But I've split it into a few parts and begun uploading it. I'll add the various pieces in the comments here as the get finished. Should take about an hour and a half. Way better than ten hours plus though!

    9. thanks
      how do u reply so quickly

    10. any updates on how the upload is going?

    11. No worries. I work from home, so I'm almost always here and I've got a little box on my desk that glows whenever I get certain kinds of email (most comments on these blog pages result in me getting sent an email). I get about a hundred DayZ-related emails a day, so I try to reply as quickly as possible or I get stuck with a backlog.

      Damn upload wouldn't give me links until the whole thing was finished. So here they are:

      Mediafire doesn't make you wait to complete one before downloading another, so you should be able to get them all at once.

      This is the exact file that I used to install it in the steps I outlined above so this ought to work just fine. You don't need to copy over the DayZ files or the Lingor ones - it's complete in and of itself.

      And so to bed. Let me know how you get on.

    12. don't I still have to download all of it I was hoping to get the files that are just required to mod coz this will still take me ages
      I am missing ibr_lingor would it be possible for you to just upload that as I have searched all my arma 2 oa files and cannot find it

    13. Often the names that it cites as missing are internal names and may not relate to an actual file or folder (sometimes they do though). There are five files within this set that are ibr_something, but none of them are called ibr_lingor so it's hard to know which file it would be exactly.

      With it all in place the @DayZLingorSkaroSP shows as being 1,025,738,695 bytes spread over 39 files

    14. I don't think I have five ill just check

    15. oh I do ill just list them ibr_plants.pbo

    16. And I've got these:

      I don't have the plants one, but I've instead got the as350 one.

      I think the programmer has managed to have two different sets of files on the two links. Naughty boy. I'll have to have a word with him.

      I'm off to bed, so in the meantime I'd very much suggest you download all four of those files and start again.

    17. wait no that was wrong folder I am idiot
      inside @DayZLingorSkaroSP
      427113258 bytes
      23 files 1 folder
      2 ibr files

    18. ill download 4

    19. I have downloaded the files but I am unsure of what to do with them do I merge them all together or something

    20. Sorry, I should have said. It's just a multi-part rar file. Just open the first one whatever-its-called.part1.rar and extract the files. It'll automatically pick up on the others and extract from them too. Inside is actually another rar file (I was a bit lazy) which is the one that I downloaded from the second link. You'll have to extract that too.

    21. so after I have extracted that it is ready to go?

    22. I have extracted them all and it still says ibr_lingor is missing

    23. Ah, bugger. That's annoying. Do you want me to take a look at it through Teamviewer? I can understand if you'd prefer not to have a stranger from the internet do that.

    24. im happy with anything like that I know its going to be some stupid mistake I have made but thanks I am happy with team viewer or Skype I just want it to get sorted out

    25. No worries. Teamviewer it is then. Now all we need to do is arrange a time. Drop me an email (kodabarATgmailDOTcom) when you have time tomorrow and we'll get it done. Have that rar file (the one that was inside the four parts) handy please.

    26. ok thanks for the assistance

    27. anytime will be fine today just tell me when ready

  3. thanks mate this is by far the best service ive ever had on the net

  4. I have installed Daizy TavianaSP and it comes up with DayZ Taviana being installed but I cannot click onto Singleplayer?

    1. In the absence of more information, I'm just going to have to do a lot of typing.

      Your folder layout should look something like this:
      1 OA\@TavianaSP\Addons
      2 OA\@DayZ\Addons
      3 OA\@Taviana\Addons

      Where OA is your Operation Arrowhead (or Combined Operations) program folder.

      You copy the files from folder 2 into folder 1. Then you copy the files from folder 3 into folder 1 (say yes if it asks if you want to over-write existing files).

      At this stage the DayZ files have been copied to a folder and the Taviana files placed on top. DayZ contains code that disables the single player menu entry, so at this stage there will be no way to play.

      Then you extract the files from DaiZy Taviana 1.5.1.rar and place them in folder 1, over-writing the existing files. This restores the single player button (and adds a number of other features as well).

      You then create a shortcut that loads the @TavianaSP folder and you use this shortcut to start the game. The target line should look something like this (note yours may be slightly different):
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" -beta=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion -nosplash -skipintro -mod=@TavianaSP

      With all that done as above it will work. Common mistakes that people make include the following:
      a. Putting the files in OA\@TavianaSP instead of OA\@TavianaSP\Addons (it won't load properly)
      b. Not extracting the files from the rar file and just copying that in instead (seems obvious I know, but people do this)
      c. Making a shortcut, but actually starting the game through DayZ Commander or something else (again, seem obvious, but people do this)
      d. Loading @Taviana instead of @TavianaSP in the shortcut

      Does any of this help? If it doesn't please write back and give me a bit more information to go on. Did you get the ArmA games through Steam? Can you play DayZ online? Have you previously installed any of our other single player versions? And anything else you think might be useful.

  5. i have downloaded everythin and is says userconfig/asr_ai/asr_ai_settings.hpp not found when i try to launch OA beta patch please help. and this is for lingor

    1. I've seen this happen to a couple of people. It seems there has been a problem introduced to the Lingor files. Although it doesn't require the ASR addon, it does seem to use the config file. Bloody annoying and I've been on to the author about this. I would suggest in the meantime that you install the ASR addon (this is what I've done for other people having the problem).

      1. Go here and download the file (it's tiny)
      2. When you open it, you'll find there's a folder called @ASR_AI
      3. Copy and paste the @ASR_AI folder into your Operation Arrowhead program folder
      4. Add @ASR_AI to the shortcut. You'll have a bit that looks something like -mod=@LingroSP;@CBA_CO;@ASR_AI
      5. Inside the @ASR_AI folder there is a folder called "userconfig"
      6. Copy the userconfig folder to your Operation Arrowhead program folder. You may already have a userconfig folder (or you might not). If you do, it'll ask if you want to merge folders and if you want to overwrite files - yes, you do.

      Sorry for the hassle of this. I don't know why it's referring to the ASR addon as it isn't used, but it does feel happier to have the config file in there. Technically, you don't even need to load @ASR_AI in the shortcut, it just wants the config file, but it's better to err on the side of caution.

    2. I really appreciate this mate :) thanks alot for the quick reply.

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing this, i really appreaciate your time posting in your blog :)