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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tottori Sand Sculpture Contest

In Tottori, Japan, there is a Sand Museum. I don't know too much about the museum's exhibits, but I do know that every year they have a sad sculpture competition. Each contest has a theme and this year's is 'Great Britain' which has proved interesting. As well as the Japanese teams, there are fourteen foreign sculptors taking part.

My favourite is the last image showing a rainy day in London. What do you think?


  1. Interesting, possibly depressing, but probably not surprising, that all but the last entrant have chosen to depict "heritage" subjects - bearksin-wearing guardsmen, Shakespeare, Darwin & Newton, famous buildings (although the architecture in the fifth one down looks rather more Dutch than English - or is it meant to be Edinburgh, with the faux-classical ruin at the top of the hill?). And the London taxi itself is a heritage icon, albeit one still in practical use. Clearly there's nothing very interesting or striking about contemporary Britain.

  2. absolutely incredible. i wonder how they dont bring it all down by stepping somewhere so the sand falls down!