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Monday, 2 April 2012

The official boardgame of the London 2012 Olympics - Monopoly

There's a lion? What happened to those shitty drip things?
With no apparent sense of irony the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games has decided that the official boardgame of the 2012 London Games will be Monopoly.

The game itself was unveiled at a special... wait, hold on a minute - didn't I already see an Olympic Monopoly set?

Yeah, I frigging thought so. So what's going on here? Ah, it turns out that one is the official boardgame of the London Olympics, whereas today's is the official boardgame of Team GB at the London Olympics. One wonders just how many official boardgames there are going to be.

It turns out that shabby lion is the mascot of Team GB. I've found the Team GB name a bit weird as it includes athletes from Northern Ireland. Great Britain is only Scotland, England and Wales. So shouldn't the team be called Team UK? I'm surprised there haven't been complaints about that.

Oh yeah and the lion is called Pride. Good grief.

Not nearly enough money to play - ha ha ha, satire

How many versions of Monopoly are there now? It's just getting ridiculous. I wonder just how many other Monopoly games there are going to be tied to the London 2012 Olympics. Are they going to make one for every team?

Jesus Christ. Did they spend more than five minutes designing this?
Cor, it's every bit as lame as you might imagine. It's hard to take the piss as whatever exaggeration I could think up to mock them will turn out to be in the game already. It's effectively its own satire.

Sadly there's no mention of drugs
Yup, the hotels are actually stadia and the houses are... uh what is that? Stairs? A podium doesn't look like that. What the hell is it?

The sheer density of trademark and copyright logos is quite unbelievable too. Just about every word on the board has a little logo beside it. I wonder if there's a record and if this has broken it?

We're going to jail for queue-jumping? Did they forget to redesign the cards from the Beijing version?
I'm half tempted to make my own jokey Olympic Monopoly board, but I doubt I could come up with anything more stupid and ridiculous than this.

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