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Monday, 2 January 2012

Stuck for a film to watch? Try "Foolproof"

I have trouble watching a lot of films. After seeing a trailer or a plot summary, I generally don't need to see the bloody film to know exactly what'll happen. And it's not like I've got precognitive powers; a lot of us have the same problem.

Accordingly, I watch a lot of foreign films. It's not because I'm intellectual or snobbish (although I resolutely am), but simply because I won't know a damn thing about them and subsequently have no expectations or preconceptions. Every now and then though I do like to watch something in English though.

A while back, my friends and I wanted to watch a film to round off an evening together and we were a bit stuck. Luckily I remembered I had "Foolproof" lying around.

Oh, Ryan Reynolds. He's so dreamy
Go into Foolproof with no expectations and you'll enjoy it. It's a perfectly-formed little film that didn't have a big budget and doesn't really have any big stars, unless you count Ryan Reynolds. Oh and David Suchet (Poirot) is in it as an excellently menacing bad guy.

It's a low-key comedy about heists. There aren't any laugh-out-loud moments, but there are some nice little quips and jokes that will please you and it's all kept serious enough that you're drawn in. Now it may be a heist movie, but that's not going to put a girlfriend off. There's enough in it for one of the members of the weird gender to maintain an interest. Heck, it's even light-hearted enough that you can watch it with kids.

King's knight to king's pawn breakfast cereal fire escape. Huh?
And that's really all I'm going to tell you about it. It's a great little film and you'll wonder why you've never heard of it. It gets a 6.5 rating on iMDb which is pretty respectable. And with it being an overlooked film from 2003, it's cheap to get hold of and has enough major actors in it to ensure you'll be able to find it with little difficulty. Amazon are doing shrink-wrapped copies for £2.99

My little grey cells say that I'm gonna cut you up if you don't do the blag, you muppet. D'accord?
Oh, now I'm a bit of a computer nerd and films with inaccurate computery shit do piss me off considerably. This doesn't have any of that. It's fine. All the technology is plausible, simple and works in the way that it pretty much should. Phew.

I was going to make a hilarious Angry Birds joke, but, y'know, meh...
There are quite a few twists and turns and you're a better man than me (gunga din) if you manage to figure it all out. But there isn't anything so complex that the girlfriend is going to be interrupting you every five minutes to ask what's going on. Ryan Reynolds is pretty enough to keep the ladies entertained, but he's manly and funny enough for the guys to like him too. Heck, this is pretty much the film that made me like Ryan Reynolds. Oh and the chick's good looking enough for you to want to look at, but not enough that you'll get into trouble for doing so. Just sayin'...

Y'know I've just managed to convince myself to watch it again. End of review.

Here's a trailer. Don't watch it. Just get the film.

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