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Monday, 2 July 2012

Chinese pirate DVDs: Star Wars

Over in mainland China, DVD piracy is rife to the point where the pirates actually have their own shops. Far from offering shoddy service and poor quality as those childish anti-piracy adverts allege, the Chinese pirate DVD stores offer money-back guarantees and excellent service. However, the English on the packaging can leave a lot to be desired.

These are the first three Star Wars movies as obtained from a Beijing pirate DVD store (thank you, Ally!). Click the images to read the text properly. It seems like someone has cut and pasted them in there with little regard for what the English actually says.


  1. Hilarious, though it does remind us that one of the most egregrious things that Lucas did with his revisions was to cut out those scenes with Lily Tomlin and Emily Mortimer ;)

  2. I am now afraid to go in the water.

  3. I am a chinese,thanks for your dayz SP map~
    if you want to see movies,just click

    1. 非常感謝。我高興你享受DayZ的。

  4. Is it wrong that the thing that bothers me most about that first one is the Kerning of the "WA"