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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Who are you?

You're British, your web browser is Chrome and you own a mobile phone running Android.

I was having a glance at the statistics for visitors to this blog. I rarely look at these, but there were some vaguely interesting bits. The graphs and figures below relate to a period from the 1st of January 2012 to the 1st of June.

I've seen various reports about the web browsers that people use and I've never really understood how they compile them. I've got several browsers installed: I primarily use Opera, but I use Google Chrome for a few things (mainly writing this blog) and I'm forced to use Internet Explorer for badly-programmed software related to my work.

I was quite surprised to see that Chrome hasn't just beaten IE, but also left Firefox behind. Obviously results for my blog aren't universal, but I was interested to see what people are using.

I'm delighted to see almost no one using the dreadful, and dreadfully-named, Windows Phone - which I loather with a passion. Stay away from my blog, you technological lepers! Although Android came out top, when one adds up all the Apple devices, they're really dominating the mobile sector.

Half the people arriving here are via a search engine and the other half are clicking links to get here - I don't imagine anyone's typing in page addresses despite Google's claims of "direct traffic", so I reckon those are links that don't carry page-referrer information over. I've no idea what "campaigns" are and I can't be bothered hunting through the Google Analytics site to find out.

I rather think that the clicks v search graph is a bit inaccurate at the moment because a lot of people are coming here via searches for DayZ or through other articles about DayZ that link here. Comparing an earlier time period shows that normally about 75% of traffic comes through searches.

I don't quite know how to take this final chart. I'm delighted to be attracting new visitors but I'm equally happy to have returning ones. Which are the more desirable though?

And that's just a little look at the numbers behind this site. I'll have a look at them again in another six months to see if anything has changed. One stat I didn't mention is that Australians spend more time on this site than any other visitors. If I was talking to my mate Ryan, I'd be suggesting that it's because Ozzers have difficulty reading. Sadly, it turns out that they're the most likely to read several articles at a visit which accounts for the longer duration of their stay, but I'm not going to tell Ryan that.

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